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Today's Verse
Psalm 37:18

The Lord knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever.


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Sunday, June 28, 2020

  • If you didn't have an opportunity to place your Sunday School teacher ballot, with the names of two brothers, in the box today, please submit your names to Bro. Marvin within this next week.

  • Bro. Marvin will read the Spring Memorandum this Wednesday evening. It is not a member meeting, and everyone is welcome to come. It will also be available via audio and video streaming, and archived on AC Central.

  • Additional men's help is needed for the local work week July 6-10. Please sign up online, or on the sheet under the men's bulletin board.

  • We will have our Communion exhortation on Wednesday, August 12. Holy Communion is tentatively planned for Saturday, August 29.

  • Our converts Alayna Nussbaum and Mary Bradley have repented, are at peace with God and are now desiring baptism.

  • We are thankful Jacob Mueller (Bro. Stan and Sis. Kristen) started repenting this past week.

  • There are update packets of missionary support cards available on the table by the sound room.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

  • Sis. Jessica Gerber has been selected to serve as a Sunday School teacher.

  • As long as we have don't have a local outbreak of COVID-19, Wednesday evening services are open to all beginning this week.

  • Next Sunday is our Silver Lining collection, with a suggested donation of $18. The boxes at church will be marked for this collection, and you may also mail donations to Bro. John Schaffer. To begin or discontinue receiving the Silver Lining, please contact Sis. Nancy Dotterer.

  • Please sign up for local work week July 6-10. There are sign-up sheets under the bulletin boards, or linked in the email sent Saturday, June 20.

  • Please bring a ballot next Sunday for two brothers to teach in Sunday School. The brothers who are currently teaching are listed in the church directory.

  • Bro. Marvin will read the Spring Memorandum on Wednesday, July 1.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

  • We are continuing our collection for Gateway Woods. Donations may be placed in the boxes at church, or mailed to Bro. John Schaffer.

  • Lord willing, we will be able to make some adjustments for gathering at church starting next Sunday, June 21. One significant change is enabling everyone to gather every Sunday (half in the morning, and half in the afternoon). Please watch for additional information being shared this week.

  • Social visits between churches are still discouraged since most congregations are limiting the number of attendees. This also helps with contact tracing in the event of any positive tests for COVID-19.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

  • Please bring or send a ballot for a sister to teach in Sunday School to church by next Sunday, June 14.

  • There will be a meeting at church this Thursday at 7:30 pm to discuss video streaming. One member of each interested household is encouraged to attend to discuss benefits, concerns, and other considerations.

  • We are beginning our collection for Gateway Woods. The boxes at church will be marked for this collection, and you may also mail donations to Bro. John Schaffer.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

  • There is a need for a sister to teach in Sunday School. After prayerful consideration, please bring or send a ballot to church by June 14.

  • A minister installation service is being planned for next Sunday evening, June 7, at 6:30 pm at church. While specific details are being worked out, the goal is for any who are interested to be able to attend. Please watch for additional information this week.

  • We're thankful for the opportunity to begin gathering again in church, in a limited manner. Adjustments will be made based on experience, so please be prepared for updated information and practices at church. It's also possible that increased local spread of the virus will cause us to move back to a more restrictive phase. Everyone's help and support in enabling us to worship and fellowship safely together is greatly appreciated.

  • The initial groups created for attending church are designed for simplicity and to help keep sizes manageable. If anyone has special circumstances and cannot attend with his/her group, some adjustments are possible; please contact Bro. Marvin, Bro. Jason or Bro. Ted.

  • Video streaming began in March as a way to help keep the congregation connected while no one could gather in church, and the equipment was set up as a temporary measure until we started reassembling. Many have expressed appreciation for having video available, so as we have done with similar situations in the past, there will be an opportunity to gather and discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and other considerations in the near future.