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Today's Verse
John 14:19

Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.


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Forrest Apostolic Christian Church
PO Box 154
201 E. Church St.
Forrest, IL 61741

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

  • We are continuing to collect for the Servant Fund, which has a significant need for funds supporting the missionaries sent by HarvestCall.

  • Anyone needing whole missionary prayer booklets or the update packs should contact Bro. John Teubel.

  • A new audio resource entitled Around the Table is now available through AC Central. This will offer Christ-centered teaching from an Apostolic Christian perspective. It will be part of the material produced by Onward Media, a new organization designed to coordinate existing and new communications of the Apostolic Christian church. For more information, see www.onwardmedia.org.

  • There is a singing practice for the upcoming Men's Sing at the Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 7:30 pm. All are welcome, including those unable to go to Latty next weekend.

  • Help is needed starting at 7:00 am this Saturday, Aug. 24 at the Fellowship Hall. Work will include trimming trees and brush, and possibly some inside carpentry assistance, and should be done by noon. Please contact Bro. Pete Walter with any questions.

  • Next Sunday is our turn for services at Fairview Haven. Please check the lists on men's and women's bulletin boards for your turn; if you are unable to go on your Sunday, please find a replacement to help with singing and fellowship.

  • In place of conference recordings on Wednesday, Aug. 28, there will be a conference report and a member meeting. The conference recordings will be extended one more week, to Sept. 18.

  • Lord willing, we are planning provings and baptisms the weekend of October 12-13.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

  • Tomorrow is clothes sorting at the HarvestCall Distribution Center beginning at 9.

  • We will begin the Conference recordings this coming Wed. eve.

  • Bro. Lucas and Sis. Raya will give a report on their work at Hospital Lumiere next Sunday after the afternoon services in the Sunday School room.

  • Update Packs are available for the Missionary support cards. They are on the table by the South bulletin board. These are update packs only, if you want a complete set contact Bro. John Teubel. These are a good reminder to pray for our Missionaries.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

  • The visitation for our Sister Velma Schladenhauffen is this afternoon from 3:00-7:00 pm at Duffy-Pils Memorial Home in Fairbury. The funeral will be Monday morning at 10:00 am.

  • Due to the funeral, the clothes sorting that would normally be held tomorrow has been rescheduled for Monday, August 12.

  • The Elder Conference will be held Wednesday-Friday this week in Goodfield. Please be prayerful for the elder brothers as they meet and share topics during the general conference on Friday. For anyone traveling to the Conference, be aware that the westbound I-74 exit to Goodfield is closed, and the Carlock exit is a good alternative.

  • We are collecting money for the next two weeks in the General fund to pay for several substantial church maintenance and update items. Details are posted on the men's and women's bulletin boards.

  • Next Sunday is our Servant Fund collection. The HarvestCall Servant Fund supports those who are sent by HarvestCall to serve in our foreign missions, including Bro. Lucas and Sis. Raya and their family. We have the opportunity to support them and others, and the need is significant.

  • All are invited to Lamar, Missouri the weekend of August 17-18 to help support the small congregation there. There is still room on the bus for anyone interested, and please contact Bro. Shannon and Sis. Brianna Gudeman for more information.

  • Our converts Morgan Lanz, Jared and Jenna Stork have repented, are at peace with God and are now desiring baptism.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

  • This Thursday is Song Service at Accolade Health Care in Pontiac at 6:30.

  • This Saturday is the annual Gateway Woods Auction.

  • Next Sunday it is our turn services in McAllen.

  • Now while Bro. Lucas and Sis. Raya and their family are home it is a good opportunity to visit with them about ways that we can support them in their mission at Hospital Lumiere.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

  • Next Sunday is our turn for services at Fairview Haven. Please check the lists on men's and women's bulletin boards for your turn; if you are unable to go on your Sunday, please find a replacement to help with singing and fellowship.

  • In two weeks, on August 4, it is our turn for services in McAllen, Texas. Bro. Marvin is planning to go.

  • The churches in Latty and Junction, Ohio are hosting the Men's Sing this year on August 24-25. Anyone interested may get more information and sign up at www.acmensing.org.

  • There are several significant repairs and updates needed at church, including replacing the carpeting in the foyer, the dishwasher, and east carport repair. All donations to the General Fund for the next four weeks will be used to help cover the approximately $55,000 needed. Additional details are posted on the men's and women's bulletin boards, and any questions regarding the work may be directed to the trustees.